Khmer Rouge Killing And Torture

After reading about all the horrible things that the Khmer Rouge regime did to the Cambodian people, I wanted to learn more about the Khmer Rouge's methods of killing and torture that were used by them in order control the people, and destroy their political opposition. The Khmer Rouge used the philosophy, as other communist regimes of the time, that "the end justifies the means". This is how such evil acts are committed in order to support an ideology.

This is a video filmed at the s21 khmer rouge genocide museum.

Many different types of torture, killing and interrogation methods used by the Khmer Rouge were seen in the video, and I'm going to tell you about them.

S-21 Tuol Sleng

S-21 was a very famous prison used in the Khmer Rouge genocide. Before the genocide started it was a high school in Phnom Penh, but then it was changed to a horrible prison used to keep, torture, or kill anybody caught stealing food, rebelling against the Khmer Rouge, or trying to escape.


Waterboarding was and still is a very popular torture and interrogation method. In this torture method, a person is strapped down to a inverted board as a cloth is being held over their face, and have water continuously poured on the cloth. This is such a horrible thing to experiance, because it simulates drowning it is a great interrogation methodI It gives you a near death experiance so if you have been captured and are being waterboarded, you would probably do anything to get out of it, including giving up important information. People often break bones from struggling against restraints or have heart attacks from stress or damage to lungs.


Strappado is a form of torture in which the victims wrists are tied behind their back and then they're hung from a rope hooked to a ceiling or wooden structure, This often dislocates both arms causing excruciating pain. This was one of the most popular interrogation and torture methods for the Khmer Rouge, and still is commonly used today.

Vann Nath

Vann Nath was a prisoner at s-21. He was also an artist in which his paintings literally saved his life. He was such a good artist that the Khmer Rouge kept him alive so he could paint pictures of Pol-Pot and the Khmer Rouge, he painted many pictures that show all of the horrible things the Khmer Rouge did. He was also one of the 7 survivors out of about 14,000, And today many of his paintings still hang in the prison which has been turned into the S-21 Genocide Museum.

Here are some of Vann Nath's paintings.
vann5.jpg vann7.jpgvann8.jpgvann6.jpg

It is hard to imagine all of the cruel acts that the Khmer Rouge inflicted onto many innocent people, from learning about all this, it makes me hope that nobody would ever have to suffer like this again.


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